Roller Shutters Repair Dubai | Automatic Rolling Shutter Repair

Roller Shutters Repair Dubai

Commercial & Industrial Roller Shutters in Dubai

Roller Shutters Repair Dubai We supply and install all types of commercial and industrial roller security shutters for internal uae, windows and entrance doors, as well as supplying, installing and maintaining large industrial roller shutter designed for high usage. With over 30 years experience of installing commercial rollers shutters, our customers trust their most valued asset in our products Roller Shutters Repair Dubai.


Each property will have specific requirements from the size of window or door and the type of roller shutters available, therefore we recommend a no obligation site survey first before you decide the type of shutter required. Call our expert team now to arrange a commercial security roller shutter quote – DUBAI, 0553612961

Security Roller Shutters are ideal for uae in the protection of:

Offices / Shops

Factories / Warehouses

Hospitals / Clinics / Doctors Surgery’s

Nursery’s iptv box dubai

Health Centres

Colleges / Schools / Universities


Swimming Baths / Gyms


Roller Shutters Repair Dubai

Where required, the shutter curtain can be fitted with a see through section to allow for example, vision into shop front windows at night. Roller Shutters Repair Dubai Our security shutters come in a range of styles, colors and range of opening mechanisms, talk to our team before you decide Roller Shutters Repair Dubai.

Steel Roller Security Shutters

Our industrial roller shutters are operated using direct drive, three-phase motors, to enable constant uae. Galvanized finish comes as standard with color finishes also available. Roller Shutters Repair Dubai For commercial use where the roller shutter receives limited use, a single-phase tube motor is used. Where required, the shutter curtain can be fitted with a see through section to allow for example, vision into shop front windows at night. Curtains can be perforated, punched or solid. For applications where wind loading is particularly significant, our insulated roller shutter and folding shutter products may be more suitable HTC Mobile Repair Dubai.

Roller Shutters Repair Dubai

The 77 mm scrolled coil roll-formed sections are fully galvanized and are the traditional security shop profile.

Interlocked for added strength the sections form an effective security barrier with no vision access to the premises being secured. Coupled with the traditional reinforced “L”” section bottom rail the solid galvanized steel shutter offers a robust security deterrent. Curtains Fitting in Dubai

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