Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai | Door Spring Replacement Dubai

Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai

Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai

Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai Considering that a typical residential garage door can weigh upwards of 300 lbs., you can imagine how vital garage door springs are to the entire mechanism.  Because springs are the device that actually lifts and close the heavy garage door, they are under an extreme amount of tension.  If the springs break, and they are capable of doing so, not only is your garage door broken, but also the broken springs can cause a huge amount of damage.  If you hear a big bang coming from your garage, you can bet your garage door spring has broken Electrical Services in Dubai.

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

There are two types of garage door springs, torsion springs, and extension springs. Torsion springs run across a bar at the top of the inside of the garage door, and they consist of a shaft, spring, and drum assembly. There can be one or two springs above the door opening, depending on how wide your garage door is. These types of springs are critical for wider, heavier garage doors; their location and strength distribute the weight of the door evenly.  Typical torsion springs can last about 7,000 cycles of a garage door, with one opening followed by a closing equaling one cycle.  Torsion springs lasting longer than 10,000 cycles are considered geriatric. Luckily, newer, higher quality torsion springs can last longer than that; however, if you know that your garage door has been used for several years without having the springs checked, it makes sense for you to have a repairmen come give them a checkup before the inevitable breakage iPhone repair in Dubai .

It’s the tension of the spring that opens and closes your garage door, so it makes sense that something under that much pressure will eventually break. In fact, broken springs are the most commonly needed fix for garage doors;

repairmen will often check the springs first when they arrive at your house for a repair call.  You will want to call a specialist and get your springs fixed as soon as you notice a problem. First of all, lifting a garage door yourself is a Herculean task. Try it one time without the help of the

Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai

Garage door springs may break for a number of reasons. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of use your springs are getting.  You already know that you have a limited number of cycles, depending on the type of springs you have. Garage Door Spring Repair Dubai

If you have a busy family that is in and out of the garage all the time, these cycles can add up quickly, leading to faster spring deterioration. Cold temperatures also have an effect on garage door springs. Springs that are older could easily break with a cold snap. Yet another issue could be rust. Rust is corrosive in nature. Allowing your garage door springs to rust could lead to spring failure, not only because rust is destructive, but also because it increases coil friction every time the spring moves. A dose of WD-40 every few months will help keep rust at bay. Picture Hanging Services in Dubai