Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai

Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai

Troubleshooting Tips for Overhead Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai

Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai A majority of the houses in Dubai have garages. Bearing this in mind, homeowners have got to understand the common problems that come with garage doors and the manners in which they can be taken care of. Here are some of the common problems with automatic garage doors and how they can be repaired:

Door Stops When Closing

When you will for your garage door to close and it fails to do so, there has to be a problem that needs to be addressed. If you ever find yourself up against such a scenario, there is a high chance of the garage door being unable to close owing to something blocking the sensor.

The sensors of overhead automatic garage doors can be found along the track, somewhere around knee height. If there is something blocking the signal between the two sensors, the garage door will not close. Bearing this in mind, you have to ensure that there is nothing hindering the path of the signal.

At times, the signal might be blocked without a visible hindrance as well. In such scenarios, it is usually dirt on the sensor that needs to be taken care of Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai.

Door Doesn’t Respond to Controller

The use of a controller is, arguably, the easiest way to control your garage door. So, what would you do if the garage door refuses to respond to the commands that you convey through the remote controller? You get to the bottom of the issue, and have it resolved.

Often, the problem will stem from a low battery charge, meaning that you will be able to take care of the problem, merely, by replacing the batteries.Automatic Garage Doors in Dubai On rare occasions, however, the problem might even indicate a problem with motor or a malfunction of the sensors.

The problem with the motor can easily be detected. If the problem is with the sensor, however, it is advisable for you to have them cleaned up or repaired for optimal use.

Door Doesn’t Open With Switch

If your garage door does not respond to the commands through the remote controller, the use of a switch is the only option that you have got, right? If the door will not open even with the use of the switch, then you might find yourself to be in a serious problem.

First of all, you have to ensure that the automatic garage door is being provided with the electricity that it requires. If all other lights are in the garage are working just fine, check the breaker box to see if the garage door is either tripped or burned out. In case the power supply is fine, you will need to check the motor for loose wiring.

While fiddling with electricity, however, it is essential for you to take the required safety measures.

There are numerous issues that might occur when it comes to automatic garage doors. Bearing this in mind, it is recommended for the residents of Dubai to trust A and E Garage Doors with their automatic garage door repair needs.Picture Hanging Services in Dubai.

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